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When you looking at all the choices you got when opening a company it seems like the best option is being a soletrader. I fully appreciate that, but In my professional experience I seen companies struggling. Sometimes they didn't succeed simply because not everything you can do yourself as you cant be an expert in every profession. So I've decided to better myself and to progress as a company and stared to cooperate with other soletraders. It was a wise move and so far a great success.

One of the great people I have a pleasure to work with is Mark. We cooperate for a long period now. He is specialist in tree cutting and cutting high hedges and he has got all the experience and equipment needed to take care of the job. Personally I believe I am fully capable of tree cutting but why not leave it for professional to do so and I can focus on what I am doing best. I truly believe helping each other benefits both of us for and its been working out well.

In my opinion cooperation is one of the most important ways to success. I am very open minded and hoping to rich wider range of customers. I wish to co work with many more fantastic companies in the near future. Continuos progression of KTG Gardens is my dream and my goal which I am hoping to achieve.

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